Friday, December 16, 2011

Out Of The Mouths Of Boys

Overheard by me as I laughed around the corner:
N(reading J a book):  "Lookit!  A pamingo (aka flamingo), J.  Can you say pamingo?"
N:  "No.  You're saying it wrong.  It's PA-mingo, not AH-mingo.  Say it right!"
...Repeat previous two lines over and over...
J (shaking head): "Oh, N, you makin' me CWAZY!"

N & J arguing over lyrics of Rebecca Black's Friday:
N: "NO!  (singing) It "Friday, Friday, you get down Friday..."
J: "Friday, Friday, GET DOWN!"
Repeated until my ears bled.

Me: "N, please do not kick J in his face."
N:  "Oh, I not kicking him.  I just covering his mouth with my feet."

N (yelling something loudly, so I asked him what he said):  "YIKES!  Like Y-K-S, you know?"

N: "No blowin' at me soldier!"
J: "That not me.  That just you!"

Me: "J, how much do you love Daddy?"
J: "A LOT of much."

J:  "Mom.  Hold me on your lap, and I will tell you a little story about a robot."

N (when I asked him not to pick his nose/eat the contents because boogers were gross):  "But, Ab, sometimes my boogers are good.  They taste like paper...or cheese.  But not like pee or poop...or any other gross potty words."

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