Thursday, December 22, 2011

About Robots & Superheroes

As anyone who knows J knows, robots and superheroes are pretty much what life is all about.  Or what it should be all about when life is going according to plan.  So much of our daily conversation revolves around them.  In case you were wondering, it is required that robots wear one of the following on their hands:  socks, mittens, or large shoes.  If none of the above are available, a glass on your hand will work as a robot gun.  Superheroes wear blanket capes.  And it is sometimes possible to be a ROBOT superhero if you combine costumes.

J (on overhearing me telling my husband that his cousin was now wearing socks on her hands just like J):  "Oh!  Dolly is a robot now, too?"


J:  "It not fair that JT a robot.  I needa put mine socks on mine hands TOO!"

J:  "I a NUDE superhero robot."
Me:  "Nude?  Really?  Why are you wearing clothes then?"
J: "Don't know.  Cause I naughty and NUDE."
Me: "Oh.  You mean rude?"
J: "Yeah.  Sorry I be naughty."

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