Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh, J...

After spilling his orange juice all over the kitchen and being sent to his room to wait while I cleaned it up (because otherwise he thinks he should splash in the puddles and create more mess), J came out of his room with wet hair and smelling suspiciously like spray air freshener.  Obviously he made a detour into the bathroom on his way...This was our conversation:

Me:  "J, why are you so stinky?...And WHAT in the world do you have in your hair?"
J:  "Water...and bug spray.  My hair was sticky.  *rubs his head*  Uh oh...MOM!  My hair still yucky.  Take it off!"  Commence screaming fit.

And now he's taking a bath, while I move the air freshener spray even higher up, because obviously turning three has led to him re-entering his digging stage and currently being in the same room with his stinky head gives me a headache.  :)

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