Thursday, February 2, 2012

When J doesn't want to eat...

This kid of mine does some pretty amusing things when he decides he'd rather not eat what's on his plate.

Shortly after he turned two, he wanted to skip his dinner for dessert, and I told him his food needed to be gone before he got any treats.  He thought for a minute, then got down off his chair, grabbed his plate and dumped all the food in the sink.  "Food ALL gone, Mama!"  Ummm...not exactly what we were going for but technically he complied.  We are more careful with how we word things now.  :)

Last night, J was putting up a fuss about his meal and was telling his dad that he was finished eating:
Dad: "J, you haven't eaten your food yet.  Look. (points at pieces of food)  Chicken...chicken...chicken...chicken."
J (points at same pieces of food): "Dad, look.  No food."
Bet he was wishing his finger was a magic wand.  Goof ball.

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