Friday, January 6, 2012

Señor Sassafras

I'm not sure where this sassy pants of a son came from, because his big sister isn't sassy at all.  So he hasn't had this sort of behavior modeled for him often.  Still, he's full out attitude about 60% of the time these days.  Typical example:

J is busy wildly hitting the bottom of JT's bouncy seat (and the toy bar above it) with his dinosaur, so I calmly remind him that we don't hit things that the baby is in.  He ignores me, so I tell him again.

Me:  "J!  Mom just told you not to hit JT's chair while he's in it.  You need to stop now."  
J (in his best sassafras tone complete with eye rolls and head shaking):  "Mom.  I am not going to hit baby JT with my T-Rex.  Calm down."
Me:  "Ummm...yes.  I will "calm down" while you take your sassy mouth to time out."

And scene.

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