Friday, April 20, 2012

A "Robber" and Colored Hearts

I love the conversations I have with N when there are no other kids around to compete for his talking time.  :)

Today on the way to his house to meet his parents so they could leave on a trip to visit friends in a neighboring state:

N: "Ab, I am going to see my friend Jackson.  I remember his name now.  Once I forgot his name for a WHOLE day, and then I knew it.  And I know his dad's name."
Me: "Really?  What is it?"
N: "Robber.  But he's not a bad guy, he just has a bad guy name.  He really isn't a bad guy.  And mine friend's mom isn't a bad guy either.  I think her name is Jen.  That's just like my mom."
Me:  "Oh.  I'm glad they aren't bad guys.  It would be scary to be friends with bad guys."
N:  "It's very good.  Because if mine friend's dad was a bad guy, and his mom was a bad guy, then Jackson and him's little sister would be bad guys too."
Me:  "Well, not necessarily.  What if your friend and his little sister asked Jesus to come into their hearts?"
N:  "They'd be TRANSFORMED!"
Me:  "Really?  What does transformed mean?"
N"  "Their hearts change.  Into different colored ones."
Me:  "Interesting.  Well, what color are bad guy hearts?"
N:  "Black.  With bad guy pictures on them."
Me:  "What do they look like when Jesus comes into them?"
N:  "Red.  With Jesus pictures on them."


Me: "N, is your friend's dad's name Robert?  With a "tuh, tuh, t on the end?"
N:  "Oh.  Yah.  Probably.  And he's not a bad guy."

Have I mentioned how much I love this kid? :)

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